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What to Know Before Going to Barcelona?

What to Know Before Going to Barcelona

It is a wonderful second largest city in Spain near the sea, the capital of the region of Catalonia, and the provincial center. Barcelona is like a dream city with a warm and sunny weather, bustling Mediterranean sea, beautiful and colorful nature. The maritime climate of the city is usually associated with resort destinations, but here you will find much more to see or to do. In Barcelona, you can combine relaxation with active leisure such as hiking. In fact, this city is noisy, massive, and quite confusing. It is recommended to beware of thieves who work extremely cleverly in this city. What else should be known?

Urban Transport

Traveling in Barcelona by public transport is much better idea than renting a car. Driving habits here are a bit chaotic, and it can be difficult to finad a park place in the city centre. A well-developed metro and bus system will allow you to reach any part of the city. To save money, it is advisable to buy a multiple metro/ bus ticket, which can be found in the vending machines at the metro stops. It is possible to pay there in cash or by card. The ticket price when buying it from the bus driver is 2 €. Another way to travel is to rent a bike as cycling is very popular in Barcelona, which is convenient due to the narrow layout of the streets. Also, a taxi: always make sure the counter is working, fares are more expensive at night, the price per kilometer is about 2-3 €.

Accommodation Fees

In Catalonia, tourists are subject to a progressive pillow tax. Depending on the type of accommodation you are staying in and how long you will be staying there, each person will have to pay an appropriate surcharge. The prices are as the following: staying in a 5-star hotel you pay 2.50 € per night; staying in a 4-star hotel you pay 1 € per night; the accommodation in any property of less than 4 stars costs € 0.50 per night. The maximum pillow charge per person per stay is a maximum of seven nights. So, you will not have to pay more if you are on holiday for more than a week.

Random Interesting Facts

Barcelona is visited by about a million people a week. Not surprisingly, the capital of Catalonia is one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean and the second largest city in Spain. Barcelona has two official languages, Catalan and Spanish. Barri Gotic is the old town of Barcelona and the place where the Romans founded the Barcino military camp in the 3rd century BC. Still, legend has it that Barcelona was founded by the mythological hero Hercules.

Random Interesting Facts
Random Interesting Facts

The name of Antoni Gaudi is also associated with the most important Barcelona landmarks that are protected by UNESCO. One such attraction is the Güell Park designed by A. Gaudi, where the mystical works of the architect are surprising with their expressive forms. In this park you can find the longest bench in the world located on the main terrace of the park. FC BARCELONA is more than a football club. It is an immortal legend that draws thousands of football fans. The home stadium is the largest Camp Nou football stadium in Europe that can host almost 100,000 people.