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Top Castellan Tourist Attractions

Castelldans is a beautiful Catalonian Village situated the province of Lleida. Having a rich history and culture Castellans has a varied mix of ruins to testify to the villages unique heritage. There are many architectural structures of interest that date several centuries back still present in Castelldans.

A great place to visit in Castellans is the Arcades. These are the remains of the Carthusian monastery. The reason why such great monastery was left to ruins was as a direct result of the disestablishment of Spanish monasteries in 1835. Many monks had to flee when the peasants got tired of paying taxes to them. This resulted many intriguing complexes being left in ruins.

The Carthusian monks of Scala Dei on the facades of the houses of the street of the friars, some of which date back to the beginning of the first half of the 17th century. The Carthusian monks of Scala Dei originated from Provence, a region in southern France that borders. They began their ministry in the 12th century. What remains of the ancient Carthusian monastery is the Arcades. The Scala Dei shrine is still partially standing with motifs in the old street of the Friars still visible.

Another ruin related to the Carthusian monks of Scala Dei is the Carthusian monk’s shields. At the entrance to the rectory, the coat of arms of the Carthusian monks of Scala Dei can be clearly seen. This coat of arms is still a dominant motif on the old street of the Friars. Some facades have houses which present their construction dates, all of them the first half of the 17th century. On the other side of the street there are still the arches, remains of the ancient Cossack monastery of Cartuja.

The main attraction of Castelldans is the Castelldans Castle. The castle dates to the 11th century during the Andalusian period. The Andalusian period was a time where Muslim civilization was elevated to levels never experienced before. It was an important Muslim fortress during those times. It is said that’s name is derived from Castrum Assigns. This castle, which is now surrounded by vegetation was a defensive place of first order in the Christian Conquest. However, an Arab source from the 10th century spoke of the importance of this fortress as a frontier outpost of the territory of Lleida.

In 1954 the young people of the Catholic action of Castelldans together with the priest and the collaboration of the whole town undertook the construction of a hermitage dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat to commemorate the holy year.

In the surrounding area, pins were planted, tables and fires were made so that visitors to the site could find a suitable place to have a meal or snack. On April 27th the whole town celebrates this feast traditional food and drink such as misa. Misa is a Catalonian fortified wine. Along with the food is music, a dance of sardanas and time spent with family and neighborrs.