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The Best and Worst Cities for Emigrants: Spain Is a Leader

The Best and Worst Cities for Emigrants

The Spanish city of Valencia has been declared in the new ranking as the best city for emigrants. Such a list is compiled annually by Inter Nations. Among the worst emigrants, meanwhile, is Dublin. International Travel 2020 were extremely limited, but we still dreamed which lands we would let us know when we could again. Many of us want to take an even bigger step and go not only on vacation to another country, but to move to there. This year, many of us have realized that we can work remotely, making the life of a digital nomad even more attractive.

The Best and Worst Cities for Emigrants
The Best and Worst Cities for Emigrants

Basic Principles

More than 15 thousand emigrants who are living in 181 states and territories participated in the surveys on the basis of which the ranking of cities was made. Survey participants were asked to rate 66 cities based on 5 aspects: quality of life in the city; how easy it is to settle down; job satisfaction; financial security and housing; how much does a living cost. Each topic was divided into categories, so the emigrants had an opportunity to evaluate even the smallest things such as the quality of public transport, climate, friendliness of the local people, choice of entertainment, and so on.

Finally, the evaluations of the first four aspects determined where the city would end up on the final list. It was decided not to take into account the cost of living so as not to place too much emphasis on the financial side. The surveys were conducted in 2020. in March, just before COVID-19 turned into a pandemic.

Winners and Losers

At the top of the list was the Spanish city of Valencia. Citizens of other countries living here appreciated the quality of life, the friendliness of the locals, the opportunities to get to know the local culture and good climate. In total, there are 4 Spanish cities in the top ten of this list. In second place is Alicante that is 130 km away from Valencia. Malaga was put on the sixth place, and the capital city of Spain Madrid got the ninth place of the list of top ten. All Spanish cities got high points for their good location, for a wide range of entertainment and leisure options. However, the satisfaction of working life in the big cities received less points because making a career in the local market is not so easy. In third place is Lisbon, followed by Panama and Singapore.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the list are the Kuwaiti city of Salmiya, Rome, Seoul, Milan, and Nairobi. Dublin is also in the top ten of the worst cities. Amongst the worst there also are Nairobi that is located in Kenya and the capital of France Paris due to incredibly high prices. Also among the worst cities are the capital of South Africa, Johannesburg, due to the high number of criminal offenses, and the Chilean city of Santiago, due to high levels of poverty.