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Spain’s rival touristic nations

Spain is nation that boasts culture, cuisine and sunshine in a way like no other country can, notwithstanding it does have its rivals in terms of tourism. These are not countries that Spain will actively compete against for tourists. The ‘rival’ countries may attract a few more tourists than Spain would. Deciding on where you want to go for a vacation isn’t an easy decision. Many will sway to Spain for its historic villages such as Castelldans however many at times choose to go to Spain’s neighbor, France.

France is one of the most highly esteemed nations of the globe. An ally during the World War and one of the world’s most dominant colonizers France is country has set its mark across the world.  At one point in time the French colonial empire was the sixth-largest empire according to land area of which it owned 11.5 million km².

In terms of travel, France will make one be lost for choice in terms of where to start. You could go to Paris and visit the famous Eiffel Tower (or Tour Eiffel as they say in French) or you could go little out of Paris and visit Disneyland an entertainment resort. Although Disneyland is a smaller version of America’s supersize Disneyworld it will still take a you good five days to complete the entire park. Disneyworld is 5/6 times the size of Disneyland bear that in mind.  It was originally named Euro Disney Resort.

Costa Rica is another nation that competes with Spain on the tourism front in terms of beauty, flora and fauna. Being the world’s second biggest producer of bananas, Costa Rica boasts a variety of tropical fruits loved by many that include pineapples, mangoes and guavas.

Costa Rica is in South America. It’s exact location according to longitude and latitude being 9.7489° N, 83.7534° W. Costa Rica completely embodies the textbook definition of a tropical climate. From scenic blue watered beaches to the rough and rugged slopes Costa Rica is a unique location that makes it incomparable. The capital city of Costa Rica is San Jose and it has a population of just over 1 million people.

In terms of travel, Costa Rica will make one be lost for choice in terms of where to start. You could go to Santa Juana and visit the Nauyaca Waterfalls. You could go alternatively go for a birding trip to get up close and person with the native feathered creatures of the nation. Many hotels offer birding trips that are budget friendly and don’t deprive you of seeing the nations well known birds.

A little bit of an outlier is Saudi Arabia. In terms of travel, Saudi Arabia is a very conservative country and so the various customs and dress codes required of the nationals should be strictly adhered to be visiting tourists as well. Many loves to spend time in the luxurious city of Riyadh to catch various hyperarcs such as Bugatti’s and Lamborghinis zooming around. The sky-high buildings and the opulence filled atmosphere is enough to make you want become and instant millionaire. Saudi Arabia is also culture filled nation. The Mada’in Saleh is a UNESCO-listed rock-carved tombs similar to the Petra in Jordan open to the public. No matter what other nations have to offer, Spain will always it’s unique characteristics that will continue to draw tourists in.