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Spain’s Impact on The World

Spain although not as big as the US or as prominent has set its roots deep into all global cultures. Spain was the explosive dynamite that lead to the rest of the European nations to explore the world. Spain is a nation that set the pace for the New World.

Between the 12th and 13th century Spain had some of the best universities in the world that were birthing out some of the worlds renowned scientists not to say that Spain doesn’t still bring forth extraordinary scientists. Many of Spanish scientist’s discovered theories, modes of life and methodologies that have kept everyone you know alive today. The Spanish had already built a full knowledge of how to analyses and deduce whether someone giving birth needs an epidural. Some people take that as a small skill to know but what about knowing if someone needs a corneal transplant. Any ophthalmologist will tell you that currently machinery is needed to assess whether a corneal transplant is needed. Developments in technology may have made modern day scientists a little less creative and aggressive about their work but that doesn’t rule out their fantastic achievements.

The Spaniards had an influence on the transport you like using every single day and when you got on holidays too. They were responsible for inventing the aerial trams ways. These are those airborne cubicles you ride on while enjoying an action-packed mountain top vacation.

Do you commute to work using a train?

Spa most preferred inner-city transport as it allows you to easily by pass tons of traffic. Everyone things that electric cars are a ‘2018’ thing but looking at cold facts Spain was building electrical cars in the late 1800s. NASA step aside for this one. Spaniards designed one of world’s first space suit designs

One Spanish scientist known as Pedro Cuatrecasas was biochemist by specific discipline. He was directly involved in the discovery and innovation of more than forty medicines ranging from those that cure AIDS, anti-herpes, head and body lice, antidepressants, migraines, asthma (the list continues), Alzheimers, epilepsy and diabetes.

Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte

Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte is another Spaniard whose work has been influential in our understanding of we are created. His cellular and molecular studies of how an organism with millions of cells develops from a single cell embryo after fertilization have helped treat conditions including organ and tissue regeneration.

Another amazing Spanish scientist is Luis Fernández Álvarez. He developed a method for the diagnosis of macular leprosy. His grandson was just as brilliant and won the Nobel prize. Spaniards have most definitely had a n undeniable stamp on our world today. Spain may be nation known for its sunshine, beaches and manifold parties at times with the populations forgetting that Spain is the reason for a lot of modern developments we all use daily.