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Spain’s Hidden Gems

Spain welcomed an estimated 82.2 million international visitors in 2017. Many of which are party goers and sun seekers who enjoy basking on crowded beaches. That doesn’t mean you can’t still find pockets of tranquility and archaic cities untouched by mass tourism.

Llafranc is a region in Catalonia that has beautiful pastel colored villas, and peaceful beaches. The area is great for a family holiday, especially for busy parents looking for a bit of peace. The region does have its busy times which is July and August but during it’s more quiet times it is absolute bliss.

Every July, Catalans flock to the area for the annual Havaneres fiesta. During the festival a stage is set up near the shore and groups sing traditional Cuban sea songs brought dating from the 19th century.”

Castelldans is hidden gem not known by many. Castelldans is a beautiful village known for its old and classic Spanish infrastructure. You could say that Castelldans to Spain is as to Spello in Italy. Castelldans mainly attracts tourists for the infrastructure of the village. It is a beautiful Spanish village that has held up its tradition look very well. Boasting a range of historic ruins and winding stone pathways Castelldans is a beautiful tourist destination not only for historians. Their unique cuisine is beyond attractive and delicious. They even have a cake that is only seen around Easter and in the run up to Coca de Sant Jaon, a celebration of the summer solstice. This cake is called the coca de Llardons. Manifold bonfire and fireworks are lit along the mediterranean coastline while on lookers enjoy the coca de Lardons with a large glass of wine.

Viveiro hosts some of Spain’s best beaches. Viveiro is a town in northwestern Galicia, an autonomous community of Spain. The whole north coast is a mist but Viveiro is a great place to touch base and experience some Spanish paradise. It is said that the true Spanish heritage can be sought here. Viveiro Bay is a teardrop-shaped inlet surrounded by rolling hills covered in pine and eucalyptus trees hence why the surrounding area (not only Viveiro) is called ‘Green Spain’. The climate is a bit cooler but not too cool to avoid the beach. The abundance of foliage gives the air a fresh tinge to it, which is a plus for city slickers who need to give their nasal system a needed natural cleanse. The best thing about the beaches in Viveiro is that is the sandy promenade is not for parading designer beachwear but is to ‘relajarse’ or relax as the Spanish say. The beach is both family friendly and is equally conducive to tranquility.

Every nation has its top tourist’s locations be it France with the Eiffel tower or the UK with Big Ben.  When it comes to Spain it’s hidden gems trump many mainstream tourist’s attractions. These gems are as to a magnet that continually draw visitors back to the location with an irresistible pull.