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Lleida As A Distinguished Luxury Resort

Catalonia is a nation that is wedged near the French Pyrenees and also borders the warming waters of the Mediterranean Ocean. The Pyrenees are a mountain range between Spain and France reaching over 3 kilometers in elevation. The Pyrenees are a hotspot for luxury snow seeking holidays. Luxury hotels are abundant many of which don’t resound the similar notes of the typical ‘luxury hotel’. Many of the hotel skillfully incorporate luxury and the dense Catalonian heritage into all aspects of their organization. The Parador of Arties is a great example of a luxury hotel that exhibits the characteristics. The snow mountain tops of the Pyrenees and the background of unspotted clear blue skies is the setting for this luxury getaway.

The Parador of Arties isn’t a reconstruction of an ancient site. It is a property that was fully constructed in the 21st century but integrated the local style of architecture. The hotel leans more towards an aragonite style of architecture. Aragonese architecture is a theme is centered in Aragon. Aragon is in the county of Lleida. Some buildings that take on this nonstructural style have even been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This type of style started in the 12th century. There was a large Muslim originated population in Aragon during that time. Stone was rarely used as a building material and this is evident in the luxurious Parador of Arties which is mainly made of wood in efforts to try emulating the periodic style.

The aragonese architecture was inextricably linked to the monarchy and the places they resided in. Islamic ornamental designs where used while Romanesque brickwork was used also. The presence of the aragonese style on a property, both in times old of now and in the present, distinguished the use of the building. It highlighted that a high calibre of people stayed or spent much of their time there.

Another fantastic and unique luxury location in Lleida is the Parador de Lleida. The Parador de Lleida dates to 17th because of it being set in Roser Convent. The Roser was formerly used as the convent of Sant Domènec.  Its construction began in 1699 replacing an old convent which was erected in 1215 and was destroyed in 1624. The church of El Roser dates back to 1830 is the most outstanding structure of the convent. The old library and lobby with meter high ceilings are quite the spectacle, enough to quickly transport a luxury traveler back to the 17th century without losing the high levels of 21st century luxury.  Although set in within an ancient property the hotel boasts every related to opulence and grandeur. The hotel’s Restaurant Marmitia is set in the church but still has accents of modern interior design. Lleida is a unique and very underrated tourist location that boasts of culture that many seem to know but yearn to experience firsthand.