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What to Know Before Going to Barcelona?

It is a wonderful second largest city in Spain near the sea, the capital of the region of Catalonia, and the provincial center. Barcelona is like a dream city with a warm and sunny weather, bustling Mediterranean sea, beautiful and colorful nature. The maritime climate of the city is usually associated with resort destinations, but […]

Catalan and Culture – Part 1

Catalonia has managed to retain its own authentic linguistic and cultural tradition, in spite of the fact that it’s been in the middle of a political flux that has lasted for numerous centuries. There are a great number of contradictory aspects to the region. For example, it’s politically aligned with the Spanish government, shaping its […]

Spain’s Hidden Gems

Spain welcomed an estimated 82.2 million international visitors in 2017. Many of which are party goers and sun seekers who enjoy basking on crowded beaches. That doesn’t mean you can’t still find pockets of tranquility and archaic cities untouched by mass tourism. Llafranc is a region in Catalonia that has beautiful pastel colored villas, and […]

Spain’s rival touristic nations

Spain is nation that boasts culture, cuisine and sunshine in a way like no other country can, notwithstanding it does have its rivals in terms of tourism. These are not countries that Spain will actively compete against for tourists. The ‘rival’ countries may attract a few more tourists than Spain would. Deciding on where you […]