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Catalonia’s Environment

Catalonia is a nation that boasts a varied climate due it’s unique location situated near the French Pyrenees and touches the warm Mediterranean Ocean. The Pyrenees are a mountain range between Spain and France reaching over 3 kilometers in elevation. The Pyrenees are a hotspot for luxury snow seeking holidays. The Alpine climate of the mountain range is more a cool mountain climate which experiences summer temperature with lows of -12 degrees Celsius and highs of 10 degrees Celsius. It also rains quite a lot with an average propitiation of 30cm per year.

This Alpine climate doesn’t cause it to rain at often in the Catalonia region with Barcelona having an average of 6cm of rain per annum, but it still makes the region experience more rain. The mountain range does however cause cold spells in winter with winter fog forming often. In areas further inland such as Lleida it gets a little more arid and drier than the actual Mediterranean climate. The maximum temperatures one can experience in Lleida vary between 21 and 32 degrees Celsius. Night times are cooler along the coast than in areas like Lleida.

Catalonia because of its location has acquired a large range of flora and fauna to its name. Catalonia endorses many plants and various animals because of its varied climates. Catalonia is a region of great ecological diversity and wealth. The combination of rainfall and the hotter weather brings forth a unique soil which in turn allows for the flourishing of unique flora.

With respect to plants a lot of cereals such as barley grown often due to its ability to adapt to hot plains. Catalonia is a medicinal plan lover’s paradise. Homeopathic plants such as rosemary, rudder, sage and chamomile. Rosemary grows especially well in Catalonia because rosemary loves a lot of sunshine and light. Catalonia is also a hotspot for mushroom enthusiasts. Mushrooms grow abundantly in Catalonia due to the mixture of cool and somewhat weather at times. in the cool and wet autumn, the practice of this hobby, which in recent years has welcomed so many followers. The Robeline or the saffron milk cap/ red pine mushroom is a popular species of mushroom that grows in Catalonia.

The wild boar calls Catalonia its home. Egyptian vultures are also lovers of Catalonia with only 1 being present in 1988 and now 70 pairs as observed in one study area. Poison isn’t used often on birds in Catalonia which is a contributing factor alongside climate as to why there are many vultures there.

Wolves are also surprisingly starting to settle down in Catalonia coming all the way down from Italy. These wolves are even reaching Barcelona, the city of over a million people. Do not fear as these wolves are so few but the presence of a few females can cause the population to explode quickly. Catalonia is a nation that truly boasts a varied flora and fauna that is beyond amazing.