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Castelldans As A Tourist Location

Castelldans a beautiful Catalonian village located in Spain. It is within great nation known for it’s sun, friendly people and of course sunny beaches. Spain itself was a nation that was never colonized, but itself colonized many other nations resulting in Spanish being the third most spoken language in the world. Although Spain isn’t well known for its architectural structures it is well known it’s for delicacies and unique way of life.

Spain is country that has easy access to oceanic waters and to Europe’s mainland. Spain takes up a large portion of Europe it being the continents fourth largest country. It covers 505,992 square meters and it’s exact location according to longitude and latitude is 40.4637° N, 3.7492° W. Spain is surrounded by two main oceans including Mediterranean Sea to the south and the Atlantic Ocean northwest and southwest. The oceans themselves give Spain global dominance as a tourist location because of the unique habitant that the climate and landscape have brought about. Spain has 1 main capital city, Madrid but has many other popular cities including Madrid, Ibiza and Valencia.

Northern Spain has more of a maritime climate similar to Britain and north France. Cloudy days, and rainfall are often a common forecast in this region. The weather can be quickly switch from rain days to scorching hot days too. The southern most parts of Spain experience average daytime temperatures between 25 and degrees Celsius and the average winter temperature can average between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius.

In terms of travel, Spain has a lot to offer from sun bathing on the Beach of La Concha  in norther Spain or visiting beautiful traditional villages such as Castelldans. The Beach of La Concha know to be Europe’s most beautiful city beach.  It a large beach with a length of 1350 meters. Visiting the Concha beach during the annual “Cine” film festival is great as artists come to the beach to draw imagery on the sand.

Castelldans is a beautiful village known for its old and classic Spanish infrastructure. You could say that Castelldans to Spain is as to Spello in Italy. Castelldans mainly attracts tourists for the infrastructure of the village. It is a beautiful Spanish village that has held up its tradition look very well.

One tip everyone who has gone to Castelldans no matter the time of the year (because it’s almost always scorchingly hot there) is to go crazy on the sun block. Although Castellans is susceptible to receiving substantial amounts of rain and cloud. To ensure you remain sun  safe on all your excursions make sure you lather 50SPF sun screen every 3 hours. And you go in for a dip in the nearby Balearic Sea or the pool make sure you reapply when you finish up. Focus heavily in the more sensitive areas such as your fingers, toes, neck and back of your ears. Apart from that invest in a good hat and sunglasses to make sure you can see all of Castelldan’s beauty.